nhaka animist technologies

nhaka animist technologies 

nhaka is a long term research project which started with nora chipaumire instigations | investigations with tumbuka dance company | directed by anna morris + shona cultural masters in harare | zimbabwe since 2012  nora chipaumire continues the work of deconstructing + embodying ideas in studio sessions + field studies | sharpening | deepening language with research assistant  shamar wayne watt  

nhaka is not a study of one artist and their output  nhaka is a way of being a way of thinking  a way of practicing + sharing that can be accessed by all for we  in african experimental dance  have lacked texts |libraries that locate us in the present future | many texts on present past exist  

nhaka hopes to inspire an unholy output of thought + projections that help us navigate art terrains and beyond 

creators | thinkers etc are encouraged to take  steal  run with  contribute to  the thinking universes of black african imagineries spirit capturing motion 

this digital book building project | knowledge gathering project  was made possible with the corroboration of aida colmenero diaz |africa moment | in an africa | spain dialogue hosted by matadero| centro de residencias artisticas | madrid |spain 

shika  mohamed yousry’ six month research based journey man ship supported by pina bausch foundation + nora chipaumire offered invaluable support documenting the work 

this research project is indebted to existing knowledge of dance  contemporary dance african dance ritual dance published + unpublished the nature of black bodies the products  of their imaginations + labor continues to marginalized | exoticised | as such weaponizing the body with deeper understanding of how we got here is crucial  bhuku includes a selected bibliography of political readings that may assist in  unpacking the power of the body + importance of history 

bhuku project is indebted to that black  african genius held in sound production etc etc